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Mintbase API

General purpose Mintbase API for interacting with NEAR, Arweave and other supported blockchains and decentralized filestorage systems.

Deprecating Soon

This version of mintbase JS will be deprecated later this year (2023). Please see the new documentation for details. Assistance with migration paths will be made available well before this date. Please join us on Telegram to keep up with update and get support.

See the types documentation

Table of Contents


$ npm install mintbase

Getting started

Initializing and Connecting Mintbase Wallet

  • Acquire an API key in the Developer tab on Mintbase
import { Wallet, Chain, Network } from 'mintbase'

// Connect and fetch details
async function connect() {
  const { data: walletData, error } = await new Wallet().init({
    networkName: Network.testnet,
    chain: Chain.near,
    apiKey: API_KEY,

  const { wallet, isConnected } = walletData

  if (isConnected) {
    const { data: details } = await wallet.details()

      accountId: "qwerty.testnet"
      allowance: "0.25"
      balance: "365.77"
      contractName: "mintbase13.testnet"


Here's an example of a button to connect to the wallet.

<Button onClick={() => wallet.connect({ requestSignIn: true })}>Login</Button>


To see all available methods, their parameters and return values, check out the Wallet module type documentation

This is a good place to continue exploring after trying out the examples or if you're looking for a specific functionality.

You can also take a look at the API module type documentation for methods pertaining to the retrieval of mintbase data.


Bootstrap your app with Create Mintbase App (React + Typescript)


Open an issue

or ask in our developer telegram!



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